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Porsche Club, Hurricane Region

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Ad Number: 16410
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City: Apex
State: NC
Zip Code: 27539
Country: United States
Phone: (919) 349-5943
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Type: Chapter
About Our Club
Welcome to the website of the Porsche Club of America's Hurricane Region (HUR, PCA). We invite all Porsche owners to join us and the Porsche Club of America. Our region does its best to offer a wide range of activities to satisfy the various interests of our members. PCA's motto is, "It's not just the cars; it's the people." With that in mind, you may participate in autocrosses, driver-education events, rallies, etc., We also host many, just-plain-social events such as our monthly meetings in the Triangle and Coastal areas (see Calendar) as well as Saturday-morning KoffeeKlatches that are open to all Porsche owners, not just PCA or Hurricane members. We have been known to take to the hills to check out a selection of wineries or to the Outer Banks to visit various lighthouses. This past year, a group of us even gathered to restore a prized muscle car owned by one of the local soldiers who has seen several tours of duty overseas; this was a total surprise and was featured in the newspapers and on TV.We encourage family members to join in. Spend a few moments to learn more about us on this site. Remember, "It's not just the cars, it's the people."Hurricane Region, PCA (HUR, PCA) is part of Zone 3 and covers the Eastern half of North Carolina, from the Triangle Area (Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill) to the coast, and south into Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As of November 1, we have 461 members. Our bi-monthly newsletter is published here online, and while many of our meetings are held in the Raleigh area, our events take place throughout the Region, including Wilmington."It's not just the cars..."We have many people in the club, particularly spouses and significant others, who would like to join us. Great! Just because you may not be car crazy doesn't mean you can't have a lot of fun at our events. Even bring the kids to some of the festivities. They will enjoy themselves. After all, this really should be a family affair! In fact, if you'll look to the right, you'll see a photograph made by one of our eight-year-old kids, Joshua Winston!In addition, some people have dedicated track cars, negating the possibility of bringing their precious Porsches to this or that non-track event. That's fine. Bring your tow vehicle, your little gas miser, or even your gas guz (cringe) if that's all that's available, and enjoy the company of a great group of people.

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