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RSTCA Rover Saloon Touring Club of America

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Ad Number: 16457
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City: Wallingford
State: PA
Zip Code: 19086
Country: United States
Phone: (484) 443-5000
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Type: National Club
Dues: None
About Our Club
The Rover Saloon Touring Club of America was organized to locate classic Rover automobiles in the USA and enable their owners to make contact with one another, lend technical support, share their knowledge concerning the history of the marque, and perhaps even meet in person on occasion to share the enjoyment of their classic Rovers. We do not currently collect dues, but we maintain an informal network for U.S. Rover saloon people through periodic emails, word of mouth, the web, a directory of members and few events each year. The goals of the RSTCA are fairly modest, but keeping things simple has enabled us to maintain a stable presence since 1997. The two American Rover saloon clubs that preceded the RSTCA faded away rather quickly. The RSTCA is an informal organization which is not in competition with any other club, and we encourage you to participate in any group or activity that supports Rover saloon enthusiasts in the United States.As a general rule, the subject of this site will be what we will call "classic" Rovers, that is, all Rover saloons up to and including the SD1 model range. This is not to say that later models are not "true" Rovers, but the later cars do differ markedly from the earlier models in design philosophy and mechanical complexity.While all Rover lovers may find much of interest here, this site is generally intended to approach the world of Rover saloons from an American perspective. Rest assured that your Rover saloon is, in fact, not the only Rover in the USA, although it may be the only one you or anyone you know has ever seen. There are reliable suppliers of parts for old Rovers, and you'll find that there are quite a few used and new old stock parts available. Rover lovers know that we are all in this together, and it is not at all unusual for some other Rover owner to send you a new set of brake pads with only your promise to replace them as soon as you can. An amazing variety of Rover parts, books, brochures and service manuals have been showing up on eBay over the last couple of years.The RoverNet mailing list is a great place to ask questions and get to know other Rover owners. RoverNet is a service provided by the Rover Car Club of Canada, and we have Eric Russell of Vancouver, British Columbia to thank for the day to day administration of the list. The RoverNet is an unmoderated mailing list that is largely policed by the members themselves, although Eric has stepped in to use his administrator's password on one or two occasions. You'll get to know a wide variety of Rover owners from many different backgrounds. The majority of members tend to hail from the USA, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, but we also have list members in places like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland, Malta and Cyprus. If it's midnight in Philadelphia and you post a question about some problem that has you stumped, don't be surprised to see a response with the answer fifteen minutes later from some guy in Melbourne, Australia. It really does happen. You shouldn't own an old Rover without subscribing to the RoverNet mailing list.What's all this talk of computers, web sites and internet mailing lists? Well, it just happens that the internet is the greatest thing that has happened to the old car hobby in decades. Without the benefits afforded by the internet, Rover would be just another orphaned marque as far as the USA market is concerned. How would those old Rover parts in some barn in Iowa (of all places) find their way into your garage in North Carolina without the RoverNet and online auctions? Several UK suppliers boast online catalogs and parts identification help via email. There are also several excellent suppliers down in Australia (exchange rates are very favorable for U.S. buyers, and shipping can be surprisingly fast and relatively inexpensive). Still, you will very often find that someone on the RoverNet has just what you are looking for, even if it's something that even companies in the U.K can't supply or which would cost a hundred dollars in shipping and crating fees. And, of course, there are several suppliers on this side of The Pond who will have just about all of the parts you might need. Sometimes you need to know where to look, and your friends on the RoverNet will happily share their experiences for free!And we at the RSTCA will do our best to help you out and point you in the right direction!

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