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ATTENTION POTENTIAL SELLERS AND BUYERS - Disclaimer is not responsible for the pricing of inventory on this site, pricing is set forth by the advertisers. If you question the price or the worth of an item placed on this site, It is your responsibility to investigate its worth based on a reputable classic and Antique Automotive guide!  You can locate these guides at places such as "Barnes & Nobles" and Borders.


I have been told not to trust sites that do not display green validation bar when checking out, why is your site not green?


This is an issue with your root certificates not classic car mall.  You can update just the root certificates for classic car mall here with the Comodo EV-Enhancer. This is a page we have added including a java script for those who do not want to do a windows update for what ever reason they have chosen.

If you feel confident updating your Windows Internet Explorer 7.0 please use the link provided and follow the suggested instructions IE 7.0 update instructions

This update will be automatic just by accessing the page. If you wish to do a windows update and install the important security update please use the information below to help
you, or call our Customer Support line 281-542-0198

Root Certificates Update
Download size: 267 KB , less than 1 minute
This item updates the list root certificates on your computer to the latest list that is accepted by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Root Certificate Program. Adding additional root certificates to your computer enables the use of Extended Validation (EV) certificates in Internet Explorer 7, a greater range of security enhanced Web browsing, encrypted e-mail, and security enhanced code delivery applications to work seamlessly.
  Update Details...

Important update links:



User Verification Tips and Your Privacy

I have been waiting for my membership to be activated, and I have never received the verification e-mail



Non-Spam-Blocked Email Addresses

The Classic Car Mall Network Technical Support and Customer Support reply to all valid emails. However, there are several possible reasons if you do not receive any response from us:

If you use a Spam-blocking service

Do not use a spam-blocking service unless it notifies you about incoming emails so that you can verify them. For security reasons our email system will not pass HTML (including links), so we cannot click on a link, nor can we reply to let you know that we cannot click on the link. Use a different account, or arrange to have the emails coming from pre-approved.

Please check your junk mail folder, the new security patches, and spam filters  will filter this depending on your settings
I have checked my junk mail folder and it is still not there.  What do I do now
We have found typos to be a common problem, this is alleviated by contacting with a valid e-mail address when we receive your response your membership will be activated 

I am considering signing up for an account with but before I do I would like to know if any of my details will be passed on to any other organization. Will my details be sold as an email list?


Very Good Question - And the answer is absolutely not you information remains private and will remain so. We will not sell or give away your information.


I do not want my personal information displayed in my ads, do I have to display my personal information. If not how do I remove this information from my ads


Our Anti-Fraud Policy does not require you to post your address or phone number in your ad placements, you must enter a valid city and state in your ad and you are required to enter valid information during registration.

During ad placement remove the address and phone numbers from the fields in the ad and submit the ad.


"Bogus" Account information constitutes fraud

Any account with clearly bogus information will be automated deleted by the system. Bogus information includes such things as entering "1234" as your first name, "" as your email address, etc. This also applies to your URLs, Titles and Descriptions. We manually review every link, so entering meaningless information such as "asdfasdfasdf", etc. wastes our time and will result in your account being suspended. If you are concerned about your privacy, please note that we adhere to a very comprehensive Privacy Policy. Your personal information is not shared with anyone, for any reason, and we don't bombard our users with "spam". You can view the full Privacy Policy by clicking on the Policy link of any page of our site.


I placed a featured ad in the "Classic Cars Showcase Ads" area my ad was bumped to a regular ad and the featured ad fees were credited to may account, and I want to know why?


Showcase Ad listings are rated as follows Concours Cars,  Excellent show competitors and  good looking nice driving cars,  project cars these cars could be drivable and need a lot of work,  and last basket cases and parts cars.

We can not, and do not allow "Project & Parts"  vehicles of any type to be listed in this area in order to maintain listings quality.  Your ad will appear in the hottest ads area base on a per click rating.

Clubs  and Event listings can not be posted d in featured ads, only with special approval may have featured listings

Motor cycles are not to be placed in the featured ad area "Classic cars Showcase Ads" unless it is a very rare collection item, limited editions, or antique. Please do not post them in this area this is a self policing site and other advertisers will inform us of these ads for immediate removal.

Featured listings rotate in and out on the front page to give equal listing time for all the Classic Cars Showcase Ads placed in this section.


Some of my ads contained sexy girls laying across the hood of my cars wearing bathing suits and now they seem as if they were removed. Why?


No nudity will be allowed:

Posting of pornography or anything of explicitly sexual material, and adult material is not allowed, regardless of style or form; thongs, thong bikinis, Lewdness, etc.

Ads making women look cheap, or lewd will be removed, the best way to reduce the possibility of removal is not posting pictures with people in them as some may take offence.

Nudity is the state of wearing no clothing. It is sometimes used to refer to wearing significantly fewer clothes than expected by the conventions of a particular culture and situation, and in particular exposing the bare skin of intimate parts.

Profanity is not allowed as well, personal attacks on other products “my products is better then his, I am a better dealer, etc.” are not allowed.

Habitual offenders:

The Classic car mall Network known as reserves the right to terminate and/or discontinue in part or in full the Services or Programs provided to the User at anytime with or without notice. Termination of account includes, but not limited, to any fraudulent activities, acts of deception, illegal content, copyright infringement, spamming, and unsuitable content. Termination of User will forfeit any offensive advertisements placed on behalf of the User's account. The users non-offending ads will remain posted and will be allowed to run their full term with out the option of renewal.

Picture Tips 

I am unable to see pictures on your site, in the calendar and in ads.


This problem is caused from one or more reasons, you have recently installed a "tool bar" with a popup blocker that includes an image blocker or a improperly configured firewall.

If you do not have added as a safe site you will need to ad this site, please use the following settings. You will need to edit the site settings after adding


Highlight and select the options button in your firewall, this is what Zone Alarm and E-Z firewall looks like; uncheck Banner/Skyscraper ads, Pop-up/Pop-under, and animation click apply then ok.

Settings will very depending on your software vendor.


Tool Bars / Popup Blockers - attempt to disable this, because there are so many tool bars on the internet we will not be able to assist you in this matter.  Please make sure other applications do not require this tool bar to be installed as part of an agreement this may disable the software you have installed.  Investigate all your options before taking any actions and always back up your settings before making any changes to your system

My pictures have become corrupt, and will not display on your site no matter how many times I upload them what do I do about this problem
corrupt upload
This is a common firewall problem, adjust your settings for file transfers and this should alleviate this problem
Good upload
Your website posted my picture upside down, what do I do about this
Actually your picture was already like that before you uploaded it, you can correct this by clicking on the picture found on your computer, using Microsoft's "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" change the orientation of the picture with the arrows in the tool bar, resaving the picture under a new name as not to over write the original.

Now edit your classified ad online and upload the new picture.

Troubleshooting The Image Service


Anti-Spyware Software Issues


When I visit your site I have to deal with pop ups and drop downs


If you have "Pop-ups" they are not generated from this site, more then likely you have been inadvertently fooled in to installing this software for your benefit. This is why we will not allow these tactics on our site. Rid your system of Spyware: If you get similar pop-up windows no matter what sites you visit or even if you're not on the Web at all, you could have Spyware, Adware, or other software on your computer that's launching pop-ups. To stop these pop-ups, you will have to identify the software, then remove it or change its settings to stop it from launching pop-ups. Please visit them we do not make anything referring you to these vendors, we jut want you to be able to use the internet safely. The following are links to software we use in our offices to prevent  the theft of valuable information. Please visit these sites the software has increased or system speeds, and web browsing. These sites have demos to help you locate this spy-ware and load-ware.


When I visit this site, I get the following drop down message at the top of my browser:

"To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer"


What is this, are you spying on me or dropping spy cookies on me to see where I have visited or what I was doing online. Is this a Data Miner, or some sort of attempt at data theft.


Your receiving this message from "Internet Explorer" because we are a PHP, CGI, and Java script based sight this is how I sight functions. Thought the use of these scripts we are able generate pages from our extensive SQL Data bases. You need to click allow this site, or you will not be able to see and use our sight properly. this is part of the Microsoft IE Security Package installed on your computer. This is only a warning to let you know of the possibility of malicious code on your computer. This notice does not let you know the difference between malicious code and safe code. This package treats all scripts the same.

Allowing active content such as script and ActiveX controls can be useful, but active content might also harm you computer.


Are you sure you want to let the file run active content?

Answer yes to the question, answering no will prevent our pages and data base searches from working properly

Cookies - We place one cookie in your cookie cache, to identify you as a returning user to our site. We do not collect any other information. You do not need this cookie to return to our site it can be set to be deleted upon leaving our site and it will not effect your account. 

Please visit our Policies concerning these issues found at the top and bottom of this page.


Ad Expiration Date

Q. Who controls the removal of my ad
A. Your ad will remain posted until your ad is filled, or until you remove the ad. You do not have to settle for the first response because your ad time is expiring. There are no expiration dates required on ads here, so you can wait until your are satisfied.  Do not settle for second best.
Q. My ad expired, I thought you said there are no expiration dates on ads
A. The expiration is set by you, when you place your ad you can selection NO EXPIRATION DATE

Ad Duration:



Q. I can not find your email address in this site when I go to your Contact Us page
A. Our email addresses are concealed with java script from the robots and spiders that visit this site. our Email links are a different color then the normal text please click the links
Q. I can not see the links you mentioned on the Contact Us page
A. This is probably due to the fact that you do not have Java enabled, or you have mobile code blocked please adjust your security settings

Registration Questions


I was registering and I could not find my country in the drop down box


Your right, and as people register were adding the countries one at a time, so if you do not see you country drop an email to and it will be added at once


Affiliate Page


How do I find the Affiliate feature and configure it 

Welcome to your Affiliate Page
This is your personal Affiliate Page. You can modify this shaded area with any html you wish by accessing your Account, clicking [my current information], then [edit my info] and entering your html into the Affiliate Page HTML text area. Use this page to display a link back to your own website, list additional products, etc. This page will also display a table of your active ads currently listed on this site. Since you have a unique Affiliate Page URL (found on your Personal Information Page) you can email this link to friends and family or post this link on other websites, etc. When visitors click on your Affiliate Page Link they will be sent directly to this Affiliate Page.

NOTE: Remember that any images or links you place within this html will need to be "absolute" linked to their appropriate location on your own server. In other words, all links must contain the "full URL" (i.e. "Relative" links will not work within this html (i.e. images/yourimage.gif).

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